Welcome, Hungry Royalties.

This blog is intended for the hungry citizens of the far away land known  as the Bay Area. Drop that Hot Pocket into the closest trash and start following this blog to start Eating like Kings. I will navigate you through the holy Bay Area to the finest place to satisfy your cravings.

We’ll make stops to the different burger joints, sports bars, delis, Taquerias’, Asian cuisines, and much more. We’ll eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert, and even a midnight snack. With all the great places to dine at in the holy land of the Bay Area, you’ll feel like you’re Eating like Kings.. and Queens.

Eating like Kings isn’t going to be nice to your sack of gold, so make sure you bring your money and of course, appetite.  You’re only one click away from fulfilling your taste-buds everyday. Click that follow button, NOW. Start Eating like Kings.


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