More Bang for the Buck

This delicious Vietnamese sandwich isn’t from the franchise, Lee’s Sandwiches. For those who don’t know what Lee’s Sandwiches is, they are a powerhouse in serving people a large variety of mediocre Vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi.

They’re located in four different countries as stated on their website ( I would never recommend anyone to Lee’s Sandwiches because there’s a better place to feast on Vietnamese sandwiches. This place is called Thanh Huong. A place own by locals where they’re serving up Vietnamese sandwiches with flavors that surpasses Lee’s.

The sandwich in the picture is my all time favorite. It’s called Banh Mi Thit Nuong (Grilled BBQ Beef Vietnamese Sandwich). Instead of using a skinny french bread like Lee’s, Thanh Huong uses a bigger size french bread which can hold more meat and toppings. The freshly baked bread is smothered with Vietnamese sweet mayonnaise.

Then they put a helping handful of hot grilled BBQ beef, onions, perfectly pickled carrots, fresh cilantro, and jalapenos making every bite feel like it’s the first bite. Bigger french bread and more meat for only three dollars. Now that’s more bang for the buck and Eating like Kings.


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