Bon Chon Chicken

Bon Chon

Bon Chon (Photo credit: allie™)

Have you ever tried fried chicken with Asian flavors? The place I’m talking about makes fried chicken with a Korean twist to it. Does that sound good whatsoever? No, but you’ll be surprised. Who ever knew it’d tasted so delicious. We’re talking about Bon Chon Chicken located down in Sunnyvale, California. Crispy fried chicken wings that keeps your mouth watering for more.

Each wing and drumstick is brushed with Bon Chon’s secret sauce, wing by wing and drumstick by drumstick to create perfection in every bite. Customers all around the Bay Area are attracted by the unique and different taste on Bon Chon’s Chicken. It’s something new to the regular fried chicken. If you love fried chicken, you’ll love it here.

Bon Chon’s Chicken doesn’t only focus on just fried chicken but also on Korean classic’s. Ranging from Chapchae to Korean Barbeque. They carry a little bit of everything for all their customers. No wonder it’s so diverse that not only they attact Koreans but also other ethnicities too.


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