Love’s Cupcake


Cupcake (Photo credit: zigazou76)

There are many cupcake places being opened nowadays, but  whether it’s going out for a treat or taking someone out of town for dessert, Love’s Cupakes is the place to go. It’s one of the best local cupcakeries around that carries fresh and delicious flavors located in Downtown San Jose, California. Their unique and classic flavors have been a big focal point for sweet tooth’s. 

From traditional and classic cupcakes to exotic cupcake creations. Love’s Cupcakes bakes them all. A popular favorite that attracts customers from coming back is their “Burnt Almond” Cupcake, it just keeps reeling more and more customers in and coming back.

Not only Love’s Cupcakes bakes their cupcakes daily in their shop, they also take in large orders, deliveries and even weddings. They even donate all leftover cupcakes by the end of the night to local food banks. This is truly the place to get delicious cupcakes and to feel good about eating them since they do not simply throw their left over cupcakes but donate them.


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