Boiling Crab

Boiling Crab is the place to be to get your Louisiana style seafood in the Bay Area. This place specializes in their craw-fish, shrimp, and their famous french fries. There are four different seasoning to choose from; Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter and the “WHOLE SHA-BANG” which is all three of the seasonings together.


Like many other restaurants, you can choose the level spice you want it. It ranges from non spicy, mild, med to XXX which says on their menu “I can’t feel my mouth. The most popular item on the menu is there craw-fish. The seasonings is what separates them from other competitors. It makes you think that you are in Louisiana yourself after every bite.


Not only their seafood are good, but their Sweet Potato and Cajun fries are to die for. They are perfect prepared leaving them extra crunchy through your entire meal. If you do decide to come to the Boiling Crab, make sure you come early because this place is always crowded.



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