Home of the Orange Sauce

Orange Sauce

Orange Sauce (Photo credit: jxb345)

You could get salsa verde, hot sauce, tapatio, but only the at La Victoria’s known as La Vic’s in the South bay of Northern California is where you can find the famous Orange Sauce. La Victoria is a fresh authentic Mexican Taqueria known in San Jose and other locations around the Bay Area.

La Vic’s, home of the Orange Sauce, are extremely famous for the secret sauce on their amazing big burritos. First of all, their Orange Sauce is homemade and is the reason why most locals keep on coming back. The Orange Sauce is so popular that customers are allowed to buy a bottle of it to take it home. Customers do not only use the Orange Sauce for La Vic’s food, but for basically anything they eat at home or at other restaurants. It is that good.

Their burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more favorites are the best in town. The meat is very tendered and well seasoned. This place has better deals, big portions and low prices. Good food with amazing secret Sauce? No wonder the locals and tourists are attracted to this Taqueria. Who wouldn’t? Their Mexican food has expanded over 5 different locations.


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