Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea (Photo credit: KentonNgo)

Barcode has probably is one of reserved “go to’s” around town. It has more sentimental value than Q-Cup or Tapioca Express. Never changing prices and good deals. Want to take someone somewhere different, this is your go to. They treat their customers as valued customers and care about what they are serving them. Quality and taste is what matters to them.

This boba shop is far more different than your average boba shop. From coffees, teas, smoothies to crepes, crispy chicken bites, to tofu. This place has a variety for every one that’s craving something new. They are not shy on their crispy chicken bites either, because they give a large amount of them in every order.

Great place to go for a drink, snack and even a hang out spot with your friends. Never expensive, you always pay for what you deserve. Which is inexpensive but great quality. Everyone love a place to chow down and spend time with friends.


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Filed under Asian Cuisine, Dessert

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