Anderson’s Bakery

Breads and bread rolls at a bakery

Breads and bread rolls at a bakery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever craving sweets, fresh baked bread or sandwiches? Anderson Bakery has it all. It’s located down in San Jose, California. Their fresh baked pastries and breads keep luring in daily and new customers every day. This Bakery barely opened in the Oakridge mall, but it is already getting a lot of business from the mall’s shoppers.
From baked sweets to croissants and buns, this bakery carries a wide selection for each and every one of their customers. Fresh bake and order to make sandwiches are the Bakeries’ main focal point for customers. Their slide of breads comes in variety of flavors such as raisin-apple, cinnamon raisin, and many other. If you are not in the mood for some bread Anderson Bakery also have clam chowder with is very delicious.

Not only they carry a wide variety of pastries, salads and sandwiches, they also have speciality cakes. For sweet tooth’s and savory craves, Anderson Bakery bakes them all. One of their number seller are their rolls with filling or cream in them. It provides the texture of the roll and an explosion of flavor when you bite in the middle. This place is Eating Like Kings.


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