Tony Di Maggios

Homemade stromboli.

Homemade stromboli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Di Maggios is a small joint where the locals come to when they are in the mood for some original Stromboli. Do not let the location and the look of the restaurant fool you. It might be in the “ghetto”, but their Stromboli is far from it. It is actually amazing. From the texture, taste, to its size, it is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Tony Di Maggios are known for two things, Stromboli and pizza. Their home made marinara sauce is what makes these two the most popular item on the menu. The joint is a small place, but that is why you can either decide to eat inside, outside or even at home. Tony is not greedy with his food, so with every order you are guaranteed with a large serving of Italian food.

This is a great place to have dinner with family or a group of friends. The friendly atmosphere of  the staff makes you feel like you are eating a home cooked meal in your very own kitchen. Do not let the location of the joint intimidate you because its a must place to eat at.


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